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Colonial Revival Architectural Styles

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A revival of interest in the architecture of colonial America occurred between the 1880s and World War II. Known as Colonial Revival, the style combines elements of both Federal and Georgian architecture, which were popular styles in America in the 1700s and early 1800s. In Chicago, examples can be found in such areas as South Shore, Forest Glen and Beverly.

Common characteristics are:

symmetrical facades, often with side porches

red brick or wood clapboard walls

entrances decorated with sidelights, transoms, columns, and pediments

either hip or gable roofs, often with dormers

Some of the following houses and buildings are listed in the:

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Chase Avenue

2300 Block

2314 W. Chase Avenue

Estes Avenue

1500 Block

1509 W. Estes Avenue

Farwell Avenue

1900 Block

1911 W. Farwell Avenue

Greenview Avenue

7000 Block

7071 N. Greenview Avenue (Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey)

Morse Avenue

1900 Block

1905 W. Morse Avenue (Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey)

1911 W. Morse Avenue

Pratt Boulevard

2000 Block

2084 W. Pratt Boulevard

2100 Block

2116 W. Pratt Boulevard

2142 W. Pratt Boulevard

2200 Block

2200 W. Pratt Boulevard