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Classical Revival Architectural Styles

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The Classical Revival, based on the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, was one of the most widespread styles in the United States during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Its versatility was adaptable to a wide range of building types and budgets. Found throughout Chicago, the Classical Revival style was often used for churches and public buildings.

Also known as: Neoclassical architecture, which is an architectural style produced by the neoclassical movement that began in the mid-18th century. In its purest form it is a style principally derived from the architecture of Classical antiquity, the Vitruvian principles and the architecture of the Italian architect Andrea Palladio.

In form, Neoclassical architecture emphasizes the wall rather than chiaroscuro and maintains separate identities to each of its parts. The style is manifested both in its details as a reaction against the Rococo style of naturalistic ornament, and in its architectural formulas as an outgrowth of some classicising features of Late Baroque. Neoclassical architecture is still designed today, but may be labelled New Classical Architecture for contemporary buildings.

Common characteristics are:

symmetrical facades

minimal use of bays, towers or other projecting building elements

classical ornament, including columns, cornices, and triangular pediments

wide variety of materials, including brick, stone, terra cotta, and wood

Classical Revival is sometimes called Beaux-Arts

The following buildings were designed in Classical Revival and are listed in the:

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Albion Avenue

1000 Block

1060 W. Albion Avenue

1100 Block

1104 W. Albion Avenue

1118 W. Albion Avenue

Ashland Avenue

6900 Block

6927 N. Ashland Avenue

7000 Block

7077 N. Ashland Avenue

Chase Avenue

1400 Block

1400 W. Chase Avenue

1500 Block

1532 W. Chase Avenue

1700 Block

1701 W. Chase Avenue

1719 W. Chase Avenue

2300 Block

2314 W. Chase Avenue

Columbia Avenue

1000 Block

1049 W. Columbia Avenue

Devon Avenue

1400 Block

1400 W. Devon Avenue

2200 Block

2247 W. Devon Avenue

2300 Block

2300 W. Devon Avenue

2301 W. Devon Avenue

2315 W. Devon Avenue

2319 W. Devon Avenue

2331 W. Devon Avenue

2335 W. Devon Avenue

Estes Avenue

1400 Block

1414 W. Estes Avenue

Fargo Avenue

1400 W. Jarvis

1436 W. Fargo Avenue

Glenwood Avenue

6500 Block

6547 N. Glenwood Avenue

6900 Block

6910 N. Glenwood Avenue

Greenleaf Avenue

1700 Block

1730 W. Greenleaf Avenue

1900 Block

1910 W. Greenleaf Avenue

Greenview Avenue

7100 Block

7071 N. Greenview Avenue

7100 Block

7100 N. Greenview Avenue

Howard Street

1500 Block

1532 W. Howard Street

1600 Block

1615 W. Howard Street

Hoyne Avenue

7400 Block

7447 N. Hoyne Avenue

Jarvis Avenue

2100 Block

2107 W. Jarvis Avenue

Lunt Avenue

1100 Block

1139 W. Lunt Avenue

1600 Block

1610 W. Lunt Avenue

1700 Block

1716 W. Lunt Avenue

1900 Block

1909 W. Lunt Avenue

2400 Block

2420 W. Lunt Avenue

Morse Avenue

1900 Block

1905 W. Morse Avenue

Newgard Avenue

6500 Block

6542 N. Newgard Avenue

6900 Block

6917 N. Newgard Avenue

North Shore Avenue

1100 Block

1102 W. North Shore Avenue

Oakley Avenue

7000 Block

7056 N. Oakley Avenue

Pratt Boulevard

1200 Block

1218 W. Pratt Boulevard

1300 Block

1337 W. Pratt Boulevard

1500 Block

1525 W. Pratt Boulevard

2000 Block

2050 W. Pratt Boulevard

2064 W. Pratt Boulevard

2074 W. Pratt Boulevard

Sheridan Road

6500 Block

6525 N. Sheridan Road

6525 N. Sheridan Road, Gym

7400 Block

7450 N. Sheridan Road

7467 N. Sheridan Road

Sherwin Avenue

1200 Block

1209 W. Sherwin Avenue

1600 Block

1609 W. Sherwin Avenue

Touhy Avenue

1500 Block

1531 W. Touhy Avenue

1540 W. Touhy Avenue

1600 Block

1601 W. Touhy Avenue

1607 W. Touhy Avenue

1612 W. Touhy Avenue

Virginia Avenue

5600 Block

5652 N. Virginia Avenue

Wolcott Avenue

6900 Block

6959 N. Wolcott Avenue