Chase, Samuel Blanchard

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Samuel Blanchard Chase Soundex Code C200

Samuel Blanchard Chase (1823-1896) was a Subdivider of the north side. He lived on Belmont Avenue.

Chase Avenue was named for him.

Samuel Blanchard Chase

Birthdate: 1823-

Death: Friday, March 27, 1896 (age 73)

Immediate Family:

Parents: Horace Chase and Betsy Chase

Wife: Emma Elizabeth Chase

5 Children: Horace Blanchard Chase

Charles A. Chase,

Samuel T. Chase,

Emma S.L. Chase,

Ruth G. Chase.

Brother of: Horace Gair G. Chase; Mary Elizabeth Elizabeth Chase, and Charles Carroll C. Chase

S. B. Chase's Will Probated, Saturday, April 4, 1896 Chicago Tribune, page 5.

The will of Samuel Blanchard Chase, who died Friday, March 27, 1896, was admitted to probate yesterday, Friday, April 3, 1896, by Judge Christian Cecil Kohlsaat. The estate is valued at $475,000, of which $250,000 is in real estate. Harry G. Chase, a nephew, is appointed executor and trustee. The heirs are the five children­ Horace B., Charles A., Samuel T., Emma S. L., and Ruth G. Chase.