Chase, Horace Gair

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Horace Gair Chase Soundex Code C200

Horace Gair Chase; (Monday, July 9, 1827-Tuesday, February 4, 1913).

He was born in Hopkinton, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, on July 9, 1827.

He was the son of Hon. Horace Chase (judge of probate) and Betsy Chase, nee: Betsy Blanchard;

educated at Hopkinton Academy until 1843 (16 years old);

He was married in Chicago on Thursday, June 14, 1860, to Ellen Marian Chase, nee: Ellen Marian Sherwin;

Their children were: Samuel M., Bessie L.B., Lucy B., and Horace Stanley.

At age of 16 (1843), Horace Gair Chase became an apprentice in the mathematical and nautical instrument store of Samuel S. Thaxter & Son, Boston, remaining there until his health failed. He then returned home. In 1852 (age 25), he followed his two brothers and came to Chicago.

Horace Gair Chase entered office of James H. Rees, Real Estate Agent, who, with Edward A. Rucker, originated the present Real Estate Abstract System. His brother, Samuel B. Chase, had charge of the abstract department in Mr. Rees' office.

In 1855, (age 28) Mr. Rees, with Messrs. Samuel B. Chase and Horace G. Chase, established firm of Rees, Chase & Company. The Chase brothers bought out Rees, and the firm became Chase Bros. & Company.

After the Great Chicago Fire it was found that this firm and the two other abstract firms (Shortall & Hoard and Jones & Seller) had each lost part of their abstract indices, but that together they had a complete set, with some duplicates: while the county records were destroyed. The three firms therefore consolidated and resumed in the abstract business, which later was merged in the Chicago Title and Trust Company. Horace Chase continued in the real estate business.


Reformed Episcopalian.


Residence: Chicago; summer in Hopkinton, N.H.