Bastian, Charles Leopold

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Charles Leopold Bastian Soundex Code B235

Charles Leopold Bastian, Brass Founder

born in: Baden-Baden, Germany on Saturday, November 16, 1861;

son of: Frederick Bastian and Pauline Bastian;

education: public schools of Baden-Baden, Germany, and Meyers Commercial College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin;

married: Meta Bastian, nee: Meta Schroeder, in Chicago, on Saturday, February 18, 1888;

children: Pauline Bastian-daughter, Emily Bastian, Emil Bastian, Henrietta Bastian, and Elsa Bastian.

Charles came from Germany to U.S. in 1880. He settled in Milwaukee, where he was engaged in the electrical business until 1886,

When he came to Chicago, he became a member of firm of T.S. Wild & Son, brass founders and finishers, which he bought and renamed, in 1888, the C.L. Bastian Manufacturing Co., of which he is superintendent and manager. The factory occupies 60,000 square feet of floor space and the company makes fire department supplies, bottling machinery, brewers' supplies, and carbonic acid gas specialties.

Mason: Blue lodge and chapter not known.

Member: North American Union Harmonie Singing Society

Club: Germania Club.

Office: 76-82 Illinois Street

Residence: 2624 N. Paulina Street

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905.