Tritschler, Charles Frederick

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Charles Frederick Tritschler Soundex Code T632

Charles Frederick Tritschler, secretary and treasurer, Shirt Company.

Born: Bollschweil, Germany on Sunday, May 24, 1863.

Son of: Kasimir Tritschler and Paulina Tritschler, nee: Paulina Schneider.

Brother of: Frank Joseph Tritschler

Education: public schools at Bollschweil, Germany.

Married: Mary Charlotte Tritschler, nee: Mary Charlotte Moran, Chicago, Wednesday, July 29, 1896.

Children: Charles Tritschler, Frederick Tritschler, Alexander Tritschler, Eugene Tritschler, Kasimir Tritschler, II.

Came to Chicago, 1881.

Learned the shirt business.

Associated with brother Frank Joseph Tritschler as a partner in the Columbus Shirt Company, since March 1886.

Now (1911) secretary and treasurer, Columbus Shirt Company.


Clubs: Edgewater Golf Club, Birchwood Country Club.

Recreation: billiards and golf.

Office: 16 S. Market Street, 1911.

Residence: 7364 N. Sheridan Road, 1911.

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1911, page 678.

The house of Charles Frederick Tritschler, 7364 N. Sheridan Road, is plate 67 in the Book of the North Shore.


RPWRHS photo B060-067 shows the residence of Charles Frederick Tritschler at 7364 N. Sheridan Road, circa 1910.