Casa Bonita Apartments

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Casa Bonita Apartments Soundex Code C215

Casa Bonita Apartments (now Condos)

7340-50 N. Ridge Boulevard

These apartments were featured in the 1995 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2005 Annual Fall House Tour.

Casa Bonita was a featured stop during openhousechicago 2011 and 2012.

See also: Casa Bonita Condominiums.

Situated in the West Ridge neighborhood of Chicago, the Casa Bonita condo development provides homeowners with the conveniences and comforts of living in a 66-unit, 4-story structure, while affording a sense of privacy and personal style that is often hard to come by. The outside is finished in glistening white Terracotta. Casa Bonita is bedecked in lavish ornamentation, such as Sculpted faces, spiral pilasters, brackets, medallions, floral decoration, and an extravagant courtyard are only part of the list. It was designed by Alexander V. Capraro and Morris L. Komar. It was first occupied on Friday, January 2, 1920. Renovation was carried on in 1974 by Warner, Brejcha, Evans, and Associates. It went condo on Monday, January 2, 2006. One highlight is the historic indoor pool.

The U-shaped apartment building is a very standard 1920s Chicago development scheme, allowing a tall building with lots of rental units, while still providing each with plenty of natural light. The resulting courtyard can also become an amenity, providing a slice of nature to the residents.

These buildings are decorated in a wide variety of styles, but far and away the most elaborate one found to date is the Casa Bonita, on Ridge Avenue just north of Touhy.

Individual Units

7340 N. Ridge Boulevard, Casa Bonita Apartments, Condo Unit 1B, the Linda Bressler Apartment.

7348 N. Ridge Boulevard, Casa Bonita Apartments, Condo Unit 17A, the Kaufman Apartment.


RPWRHS photo S013-0452 shows the courtyard of the Casa Bonita Apartments at 7340-50 N. Ridge Boulevard. No date given.