CTA Bus 9705

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CTA Bus 9705 Soundex Code B200

CTA Bus 9705 was a General Motors "New Look" series diesel-powered bus.

The buses were delivered in 1977 and all were retired by 1996.

This bus was one of the 9600 Series (9600-9799). 200 were purchased.

This type of bus was 40 feet long and 102 inches wide.

While air conditioned, the 9600 series bus was not handicap-accessible.

In 1977, the CTA placed its last order for "New Look" buses from GM. This order, which included 200 buses, made for a total of 1,870 GM New Look buses purchased since 1972.

The buses were painted in the CTA’s two-tone green scheme, although some where eventually repainted in the CTA’s white, red, and blue paint scheme which was introduced in 1987.

While portions of the 9600-series were retired throughout 1990 and 1991, the entire series was not retired until 1996.


RPWRHS photo L009-0293 shows a street scene on Western Avenue looking North from Rosemont Avenue. Nortown Theater to the left (West) of CTA Bus 9705. Photo: August 15, 1990.