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Burton Holmes Film Studios, 7510 N. Ashland Avenue

Burton Holmes, Lectures 7612 N. Paulina Street

Source: Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 38.

Featured in the 2009 Annual House Tour Booklet, page 12:

This building, now housing the Howard Area Community Center’s Family Center, was once the headquarters of the travel film pioneer and impresario Burton Holmes. Coining the term “travelogue,” Burton Holmes gave travel lectures to packed audiences across the country throughout the 1910s, ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s. He illustrated his talks with slides and, later, with motion pictures. The Burton Holmes Laboratory was where his travel films were produced.


RPWRHS photo M003-0103 shows Burton Holmes Film Studios, 7510 N. Ashland Avenue - looking over shoulder of Raymond Mars (from side). No date given.