Burdick, Gordon Granger

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Gordon Granger Burdick Soundex Code B632

Gordon Granger Burdick, M.D.;

born in: Janesville, Wisconsin, on Monday, September 15, 1862;

son of: Edward F. Burdick and Mary Electa Burdick, nee: Mary Electa Newell

education: public schools in Janesville, Wisconsin; Mitchell University in Mitchell, South Dakota; M.D., Northwestern University Medical School, in 1890;

married: Alvina L. Burdick, nee: Alvina L. Seltz, in Chicago, in 1889

son, Edward Franklin Burdick.

Ranching in South Dakota, 1880-4;

resident of Chicago since 1884;

engaged in practice of medicine since 1890;

was surgeon, Columbia Dispensary and the Chicago Charity Hospital;

Associate Professor, Surgery, Post-Graduation Medical School;

chief surgeon People's Hospital;

professor of radio-therapy and photo-chemistry, Illinois School of Electrotheraputics;

professor of physiology therapy, Bennett Medical College;

secretary, Burdick-Abel Clinical Laboratory.

Member: American Medical Association (A.M.A.), Chicago Medical Society.

Club: Press Club

Author: X-Ray and High Frequency in Medicine, 1908;

Rational Medicine, 1913.

Associate editor Child Betterment magazine.

Contributor: numerous articles in medical journals.

Recreations: politics and photography.

Office: 7 W. Madison Street

Home: 1600 W. Sherwin Avenue.

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917, Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 13.