Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago

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Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago Soundex Code A223

now known as BOMA/Chicago

115 S. LaSalle Street

Suite 2300

Chicago, IL 60603


About BOMA/Chicago

BOMA/Chicago is a trade association that has represented the interests of the Chicago office building industry since 1902. Membership includes 247 commercial office, institutional and public buildings and 157 companies that provide commercial building services to support operational excellence. BOMA/Chicago members make up approximately 95 percent of downtown’s total rentable building area and 100 percent of rentable space in Class A buildings downtown.

BOMA/Chicago has played a vital role in advocating on behalf of our members for over a century and continues to be a leader in drafting new building codes, advancing fire and life safety measures, negotiating mutually beneficial labor agreements and enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability practices.

We provide valuable resources that help our members advance Chicago's commercial real estate industry each and every day through continuing education and strategic partnerships that equip our members with the tools and information necessary to confront the challenges and opportunities of our ever-changing industry.

Our members also play a vital role in ensuring the economic viability of downtown Chicago. Member buildings support over 72,000 jobs, house more than 350,000 tenant employees and over 10,000 local, national and international companies. By protecting the interests of the owners and managers of these buildings, BOMA/Chicago also supports the businesses that are housed in them--businesses that require quality office space and quality service. BOMA/Chicago buildings support local schools and public services through roughly $680 million in annual property taxes.



William Marshall Ellis, June, 1903 to 1909.