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The Broadmoor Hotel, 7600 N. Bosworth Avenue was built in 1922-23 by developers Louis J. Rubin and Abraham Marks, this six-story building was one of the most luxurious buildings of its day. Work began on April 15, 1922. The six-story building cost $800,000. It had 90 apartments and 7 stores, which were accessible from the lobby and the street. From 1924 to 1927, WBBM-AM radio station (there are many explanations for these call letters, including "We Broadcast from the BroadMoor") broadcast live jazz and big band programs from its ballroom as well as such popular shows as Amos 'n' Andy and Fibber McGee and Molly. The ballroom included an elegant restaurant and a dancing area. The lobby floor was laid with terrazzo tiles and the ceiling was decorated with Roman- and French-style ornamentation. A 1982 Tribune article is quoted as saying "The Broadmoor’s charm kept her 90 apartments occupied most of the time, and on Saturday nights, women in silks and furs and men in top hats and tails flocked to her ballroom to dance." The outside of the building was clad with terracotta.

The Sopcic family acquired the building in October 2007 and completely the renovated the interior, including the lobby and other common areas and the rental units. An important part of these renovations was the replacement of the old steam boiler by a new energy-efficient heating system. It consists of ten small boilers that can operate in a staged fashion, significantly reducing energy costs. The system can also be used to provide air conditioning to the individual units. The owners also installed energy-efficient units and doors, replaced all the water pipes, and upgraded the electrical wiring.

Broadmoor Apartments is the successor to the Broadmoor Hotel.

This was a site visited during the 2009 Annual House Tour.

See: H. Leslie Atlass and Ralph L. Atlass.


RPWRHS photo C043-32278 shows the Broadmoor Hotel, 7600 N. Bosworth Avenue, taken in 1927.

RPWRHS photo E019-0104 shows the lobby of the Broadmoor Hotel, 7600 N. Bosworth Avenue taken in May 2009.

RPWRHS photo S013-0587 shows the Entrance to the Broadmoor Apartments, 7600 N. Bosworth Avenue, Date: March 1978.

RPWRHS photo S013-0588 shows a 3/4 shot of the Broadmoor Hotel, 7600 N. Bosworth Avenue and was taken in March 1978.

RPWRHS photo S013-0589 shows Broadmoor Shops, 7600 N. Bosworth Avenue in March 1978. Shown are Simco, Jewlart, Bills Moving & Storage, Santrys Tap, and Army & Navy Surplus.