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Brian Kozin Soundex Code K250

Brian and Sue Kozin were the Fourth Owners of the No Exit Café, 6970 N. Glenwood Avenue.

Brian Kozin started hanging out in 1961 at the No Exit Café during the hay day of the Joe Moore ownership. During the early 60s the espresso was hot and the Jazz was cool. Ira Sullivan led a jazz combo on Saturday afternoon's. Brian also remembers one night after Jim Brewer finished his set, he needed a ride back to the west side. Brian offered to take him in Joe Moore's car. Joe asked if Brian could drive. "Sure I can drive." Brian replied. Several month later Brian came into the No Exit and proudly showed off his new drivers license. "I thought you had a license," exclaimed Moore. "No, you asked if I could drive," was Kozin's retort.