Blackstone Hotel, Long Beach

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Blackstone Hotel, Long Beach Soundex Code B423

A historic landmark in Long Beach, California


The Blackstone Hotel

Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2.63 and with the recommendation of the planning commission, the city council designates the following building as an historical landmark in the city: The Blackstone Hotel.

Location, description and reasons for designation

Located at 330 West Ocean Boulevard in the city of Long Beach, the Blackstone Hotel is a six-story hotel building featuring a simple, Renaissance Revival-influenced design. Of reinforced concrete construction, the Ocean Boulevard building has a U-shaped facade. Stringcourses set off the bottom and top stories. Single and paired double-hung sash windows with raised sills define the bays. A plain entablature culminating in an overhanging corn icecaps the building. Enhanced by landscaping, the Blackstone appears largely unaltered and in good condition.

The Blackstone is important in that it exemplifies the development of highrise residential structures on Ocean Boulevard in the `twenties, defining the city's first highrise skyline.

A reminder of the economic boom of that period, shaped by the city's prominence as a beach resort and fueled by the discovery of oil, the demand for new housing gave rise to residential highrise development downtown. Situated next to the Sovereign, it serves as a strong visual connection to the past and reflects the city's pattern of development.