Bingo City

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Bingo City Soundex Code B520

6800 N. Western Avenue

Manager: Richard Triffler, 1981?

In 1981, it was opened by The City of Hope, a not-for-profit national medical center outside Los Angeles, California, that specializes in the treatment of catastrophic diseases. City of Hope has 1,000 chapters across the country which sponsor fund-raising events from bake sales to testimonial dinners.

The building housing Bingo City, was former 16-lane bowling alley, Theatre Bowl is rented to a dozen charity groups for the bingo games. Evening sessions are held seven days a week; day sessions four days a week, with about a dozen games played each time.


RPWRHS Photo S013-2230, Bingo City, 6800 N. Western Avenue, Saturday, October 21, 2000.