Bethesda Hospital

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The Chicago Fresh Air Hospital 2451 W. Howard Street was built in 1912 on 20 acres of the Peter Gouden Farm on the south side of Howard Street west of the southwest corner of Howard Street and Western Avenue. It was built by doctors from Augustana Hospital who wanted to build a sanitorium for Tuberculosis patients. This was prompted because Augustana would not accept such patients at that time. The building was constructed at the cost of $126,000.

It became known later (circa. 1960) as Bethesda Hospital and, at one time, was affiliated with Mt. Sinai Hospital (now Sinai Health System].

Recently, a Korean American gentleman by the name of Park has converted the former hospital into a condominium.


RPWRHS photo C043-25865 shows Bethesda Hospital in 1960.

RPWRHS photo L009-0244 shows the Bethesda Hospital "CARE MOBILE" on June 8, 1982.