Bennett Medical College

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Bennett Medical College now Stritch School of Medicine

An Eclectic Medical School of Chicago incorporated by special charter and opened in the autumn of 1868. Its first sessions were held in two large rooms its faculty consisted of seven professors and there were 30 matriculates.

More commodious quarters were secured the following year, and a still better home after the fire of 1871, in which all the college property was destroyed.

Another change of location was made in 1874.

In 1890 the property then owned was sold and a new college building in connection with a hospital erected in a more quiet quarter of the city.

A free dispensary was conducted by the college. The teaching faculty (1896) consisted of 19 professors with four assistants and demonstrators. Women are admitted as pupils on equal terms with men.


Arthur Edison Gammage, M.D., 1906.

Post-Graduate Students

William Emmett Buehler, 1907.


Professor, Junior Surgery

Arthur Edison Gammage, 1906-14.

Professor of anatomy

William Emmett Buehler: 1907.

Professor of minor surgery

William Emmett Buehler: 1908-9.

Alumni Association



Arthur Edison Gammage 1913-1914.