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Antiques, Lost Eras Soundex Code A532

1511 W. Howard Street

Chicago, IL 60626

Listed in: Rogers Park 2016, ad, page 32

Theatrical Costumes, Props & Supplies

Lost Eras was included in the 2009 house tour.

Lost Eras is a third generation Chicago family business who has supplied Costumes and Props for motion pictures and theater worldwide since 1969. Located in a historic building on Howard Street, they have a two-level, 15,000 square foot showroom that is Jam-Packed with Costumes, Props, and Accessories from prehistoric to futuristic and everything in between.

Lost Eras also has an extensive showroom of antiques, collectibles, vintage furniture and props. These items can be rented from one piece to the entire set to create any stage circa 1500s to the 1970s.

Their clientele includes famous venues such as the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and the Goodman Theatre. They also cater to college, high school and elementary school drama departments as well as local theaters.

Lost Eras provides high-quality era-specific costumes for use in many famous films. Their unique costumes and items have been featured in major motion pictures such as The Untouchables and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Other film credits include Home Alone, The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals, True Lies, and A League of Their Own, to name a few. They have also outfitted television sets including Chicago Hope and ER and have also added shock value to many of the colorful guests on the wikipedia:The Jerry Springer ShowJerry Springer Show.

Lost Eras works with Animal Planet and The History Channel for major documentaries. More recent productions that for which they supplied props and costumes include The Dark Knight and Johnny Depp's Public Enemies. They also have supplied costumes for Reverend James T. Meeks congregation - The Salem Baptist Church and have accommodated many different religious organizations.

Lost Eras Antiques and/or Joe Limas donated the L034 series of photos to the Society.

Listed in: Rogers Park 2016, pages 15, 35.


RPWRHS photo A012-0104 shows Bishop Mall, 1511 W. Howard Street, Lost Eras, May 2009.

RPWRHS photo A012-0105 shows Bishop Mall, 1511 W. Howard Street, Lost Eras, May 2009.

RPWRHS photo E013-0105 shows Jo Stavig at the Bishop Mall - Lost Eras, 1511 W. Howard Street in May 2009.

RPWRHS photo L009-0180 shows Lost Eras, 1511 W. Howard Street - Charlotte Walters and "Slash". October 27, 1993.

RPWRHS photo S013-0267 shows the southwest corner of Howard Street and Rogers Avenue. Lost Eras, 1511 W. Howard Street is in the middle of the photo. July 1989.