Bryan, Alfred Cochrane

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Alfred Cochrane Bryan, Real Estate and Loan Agent

Born: Chicago, Thursday, July 22, 1852.

Son of: Frederick A. Bryan and Ann Bryan, nee: Ann Hodgson.

Siblings: Frederick William Bryan and John Charles Bryan.

Married: Helen A. Bryan, nee: Helen A. Thompson, Chicago, 1889.

Children: James A. Bryan, Beatrice H. Bryan, and John F. Bryan.

After leaving school, learned the printing trade;

in 1874, engaged in the real estate business;

in 1888, was joined by brothers Frederick William Bryan and John Charles Bryan and organized the firm of Bryan Brothers, real estate and loans.

Club: Hinsdale Club

Office: 70 LaSalle Street (direction not given)

Residence: Hinsdale, Illinois

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1911 page 95.