Thompson, Albert Edward

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Albert Edward Thompson Soundex Code T512

Albert Edward Thompson, manufacturer's agent (1905, 1911); importer of groceries (1917);

born in: Quebec, Canada, on Saturday, November 29, 1862;

son of: James Thompson and Sarah Thompson, nee:Sarah LeCheminant;

education: private schools and Quebec Commercial Academy, Quebec, Canada, to 1877;

married. Elizabeth Thompson, nee: Elizabeth Borland, Quebec, Canada, on Saturday, July 6, 1889;

children: Mary Eleanor Thompson, now: Mrs. Eleanor Whitney, aka Mrs. E.M. Whitney, Elwyn Hibbard Thompson, Harold Edgar Thompson, Albert Edward Thompson, Jr., and Charles Bowles Thompson;

Began business life in Quebec, Canada with 1-1/2 years in insurance office;

later in office work in manufacturers' office, and afterward custom house clerk for wholesale grocery house in Quebec, Canada;

in retail grocery business, 1884-91, in Winniepeg, Manitoba, Canada;

went to Duluth, Minnesota, 1891, as grocery salesman,

and to St. Paul, Minnesota for Amichaud Brothers until July, 1895, when he came to Chicago

and traveled for Chocolat Menier Company, until 1897;

then established in business for himself as manufacturers' agent and importer of groceries.

He represents Godillot & Company, New York City, French groceries;

is western agent for Blooker's Dutch Cocoa,

Fruen's Wheat Flakes, Minneapolis, Minnesota;

C. Rosenstein Company, New York, Swedish matches;

R.I. Sherman Manufacturing Company, Boston, Massachusetts, canned goods and preserves.


Office: 34 River Street (1905), 359 River Street (1911), 224 N. Dearborn Street (1917)

Residence: 4356 N. Ashland Avenue, (1905); 7059 N. Ashland Avenue, Rogers Park (1911 and 1917).

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905, Book of Chicagoans, 1911, and Book of Chicagoans, 1917.