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The 1917 landmark was designed by Edgewater architect J.E.O. Pridmore (Bush Temple of Music, the Sheridan (Palacio) Theatre, the Vic Theater and The Ravenswood Women's Country Club). A recent venue for Bollywood and other Indian films.

The Adelphi, built in 1917 for the Ascher Brothers circuit. The theater stood at 7074 N. Clark Street (at Estes Avenue) in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. It could seat 999 patrons. The marquee was enhanced with a two story sign. The terra cotta columns contained light sockets. This building accommodated several storefront spaces and a large lobby. Small structures at the rear of the building were early air-conditioning equipment, a rare luxury for the time. And, of course, this was fireproof construction with a steel frame, concrete floors and roof, and brick curtain walls.

The Adelphi opened on November 10, 1917.

In the 1930s, the Adelphi received an Art Deco remodeling. The theater was modernized during the 1940s and again in the 1950s. It began to show second-run features starting in the late 1960s, and closed briefly in the early 1980s, after several years screening Spanish movies.

In the mid 1980s, the Adelphi reopened as the North Shore Cinema, but was again known as the Adelphi when it began to show East Indian films and became the premiere venue for Bollywood features in the Chicagoland area, despite its down-on-the-heels appearance both inside and out.

The Adelphi closed in January 2002. Sadly, the still-viable theater was demolished in January 2006.


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RPWRHS photo A028-0101 shows the interior of the Adelphi Theater, 7074 N. Clark Street, as seen in an Advertisement in 1917.

RPWRHS photo G001-PC7074 shows the Adelphi Theater, 7074 N. Clark Street. The marquee reads Constance Binney "The Magic Cup" Snub Pollard. Photo 1921.

RPWRHS photo K014-0103 shows Adelphi Theater, 7074 N. Clark Street, at night. circa 1980.

RPWRHS photo K014-0201 shows Adelphi Theater, 7074 N. Clark Street. No date given.

RPWRHS photo T026-0114 shows Adelphi Theater, 7074 N. Clark Street. Front view; next to Tillie's Smart Shop, 70xx N. Clark Street. Photo circa 1950.