Gash, Abram Dale

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Abram Dale Gash Soundex Code G200

Abram Dale Gash, Lawyer;

born in: Macon County, Missouri, on Monday, February 11, 1861;

son of: William Thomas Gash and Maria Gash, nee: Maria Dale

education: public schools of Macon County, Missouri;

married 1st Wife: Nannie Dorothy Gash;

son, Lowell Edwin Gash;

married 2nd wife:,Maude Gash, nee: Maude Blomquist on Wednesday, April 12, 1905;

children: William Alexander Gash, Abram Dale Gash, Jr., Rose Marie Gash.

Was Deputy Circuit Clerk of Macon County, Missouri, 4 years

removed to Utah, 1890, and admitted to The Bar there, 1891

pros. attorney for Utah County, Utah, 2 terms;

was Judge Advocate General, with rank of Colonel, on staff of Governor Caleb Walton West, of Utah, 1893-6;

came from Utah and engaged in practice in Chicago since September, 1898;

president Illinois Highway Commission;

director Victor Electric Corporation

Member Illinois State Bar Association


active campaign speaker.

Freemasons, Utah, 1897;

member Edgewater Lodge and honorary member of Columbian Lodge;

Lafayette Chapter;

Knights Templar honorary member Lincoln Park Chapter;


Author: The False Star: a tale of the Occident (hist, novel), and many poems.

Office: 118 N. LaSalle Street

Home: 1512 W. Juneway Terrace, 1917, 1919.

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917, Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 29.