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A Just Harvest Food Program

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Listed in: Rogers Park 2016, pages 31, 43.

A Just Harvest believes it is possible to end hunger and poverty. It is an ambitious goal, and it has spurred us expand their strategies over the years.

They started feeding the hungry in 1983, when the Good News Community Church and First Congregational Church of Wilmette began serving a weekly meal. Over the years, A Just Harvest (formerly known as Good News Community Kitchen), in partnership with more than 30 religions congregations and community organizations, increased their dinner service to seven nights a week. People in need count on their Community Kitchen 365 days/year.

A Just Harvest is feeding more people now than at any point in their history. In fact, many more Americans are going hungry and living in poverty than when they opened our doors in 1983. Rising unemployment and chronic underemployment, the loss of manufacturing and other living-wage industries, the growth of low-wage and temporary jobs, and many public policies undergird this trend.

More recently, A Just Harvest made a commitment to addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty – through community organizing and economic development projects – while continuing to meet people’s immediate need for food.

All of their work is done in partnership with dedicated volunteers and donors.