7100 N. Greenview Avenue

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7100 N. Greenview Avenue, the Tracy Garden.

This garden is featured in the 1992 Annual Fall House Tour.

Present (1992) Owner: Tracy and Jennifer Tracy.

The front garden is the result of years of experimental planting. Through a process of trial and error, a combination of annuals and perennials were planted for the 1992 season.

Plants were chosen for color, durability, and longevity. The Tracy's motto is: "grow or go." They selected low maintenance flowers which require watering only. Fertilizing is optional, and NO pruning. No fuss, no muss.


The garden on either side of the porch is a perennial bouquet of purple iris and Clematis, edged in white Potentilla.

The fire hydrant is circled in a variety of perennial purple geranium.

Summer - Fall:

The eight trees in the parkway are circled with shade-loving annuals: pink Impatiens, and Silver Dust. The contour of the house is planted with perennials: fifty-eight Silver Mound and forty-eight Fuschia and white Chrysanthemum. Each corner of the garden is crowned with a cluster of five pink rose bushes.

Yucca plants were selected for the corners of the property because of the all-year green color and durability.

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Architect: Roberts, Eben E.

Historic Name:

Community: Rogers Park (01)

Address: 7100 N. Greenview Avenue

Constructed: Started in 07/01/1913

Classification: Building


Type: Single-Family Residence

Color Code: Orange

Landmark? N

National Register? N

Major Tenant:

Building Details: Tudor Revival, Classical Revival

Pin: 1132100025