6726 N. Maplewood Avenue

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6726 N. Maplewood Avenue, the Glastris House.

Circa: 1926

Architect: Lymon J. Allison

Original Owner: William and Clara Pfeffer

Owner: Philip Epstein and Shirley Elanor Epstein nee: Fleischman

Owner: Sidney Lewis Morris and Shirley Elanor Morris nee: Epstein

Present (2008) Owner: George Glastris

This house was on the 2008 Annual House Tour.

This classic Chicago Bungalow was designed by architect Lymon J. Allison for cement contractor William Pfeffer and built at a cost of $8600. Pfeffer lived in the home with wife Clara and daughter Marion.

In the fall of 2006, the home was purchased by George Glastris. George, who has turned a lifetime hobby of collecting into a career, had recently returned from working at Christie’s in London and was on the hunt for a bungalow. After George closed on the house, he immediately had all of the woodwork stripped and rehabbed the kitchen and bathrooms to a look appropriate for the 1920s home. The attic was also built out to accommodate his collection of vintage phonographs.

Now settled in his new home and here to stay, George is working on his latest collection – all of his authentic Arts and Crafts furnishings have been acquired since he moved in. Still on his “to-do” list are replacing his front window, colorful interior painting, and electrical work. His recently adopted cats Linus and Lucy are thrilled with their new digs and spend their days lounging in sunny spots.