6718 N. Newgard Avenue

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6718 N. Newgard Avenue, William L. Griffen, 1919.

6718 N. Newgard Avenue, the Eisen House, 1989. David and Sheila Eisen have been the owners since 1985.

This house was featured in the 1989 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa - 1900-1909 - original owner - Henry Newgard but it was not his residence. His home was at 6712 N. Newgard Avenue which is next door.

This Late Victorian-style house, with its clapboard first floor and shingles to complete its uppers is supported by a greys tone base. The lattice under the porch provides color to the basement facade. This house was once owned by Henry Newgard of Chicago's first electrical contracting firm.

The exterior of the building has undergone some changes, but the beautiful scroll pillars which support the extended roof, add to the attractiveness of this house. The octagon bay sits handsomely below the multiple hip roof.

On entering this house, you step into a small foyer which leads you to either the first or second floor. Once inside the first floor, to the left, there is the living room with its handsome fireplace, enhanced by its original hand-laid tiles. To add to the beauty of the living room, there is ornamental oak trim over each door. There is also a beautiful cottage mirror hanging on the east wall. Continuing west of the living room, you enter the dining room with its original built-in closets.

This area was once the kitchen. Adjacent is the kitchen which was an addition to the house after a few years of use. The first floor bathroom, just off the dining room, was remodeled by the present owner. Climb a steep stairway to enter the plant room on the second floor. This overlooks the street from the bay windows. This room is complemented with several old pieces of furniture from the early 1920s. Continue west past the master bedroom and the child's room, which was changed from two rooms into one room.

The entry way of the smaller room was turned into a bookcase. The bathroom on this floor was also remodeled and the original heat vent iron plate is still in use today. Originally, there was no bath in this last room and there was a stairway that led from this area to the back of the house.

The continuation of this stairway can be seen on the first floor's bathroom area where there is now a closet. The attic is not fully occupied. The unoccupied area has all of the original fittings and flooring intact.

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey


Historic Name:

Community: Rogers Park (01)

Address: 6718 N. Newgard Avenue

Constructed: Started in

Classification: Building


Type: Single-Family Residence

Color Code: Orange

Landmark? N

National Register? N

Major Tenant:

Building Details: Craftsman, Shingle Style

Pin: 1132302018


RPWRHS photo B025-0101 shows three sisters sitting in front--Photo donated by Adelaide Brennan.