6701 N. Rockwell Street

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6701 N. Rockwell Street, the Brewer House.

This house was on the 2003 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1927

Original Owner:

Present Owner: Greg Brewer and Maribeth Brewer

The area where the Brewer House now stands was agricultural until the late 1910s and 1920s. (The Schaul's Turkey Farm was at California Avenue and Pratt Boulevard.) This area was subdivided and named Hewitt's Addition to Rogers Park.

Bungalows were the dominant form of single-family housing, though multi-family two-flats exist in large concentrations on the southeastern portion of the area.

This 1927 bungalow is a classic example of what most Chicago Bungalows in the area look like: muscular, lean, and built to endure the extremes of our Midwestern climate.

When Greg and Maribeth Brewer moved into the house in 2001, much of the original detail had been removed. Like many bungalows in Chicago, it had been altered during the 1960s, a time when many homeowners sought to modernize and update homes to resemble the wildly popular ranch house. Lost during the changes were art glass windows over the fireplace and opposite wall, the fireplace, itself, and surrounding woodwork, and tile in the entry, kitchen and bath. Gained were many pink-hued additions, including carpeting, tile and paint on the woodwork.

The Brewers worked tirelessly to undo these efforts: removing paneling, restoring woodwork, refinishing hardwood floors, and gutting the kitchen and bath. Their design philosophy is to blend the vintage with appropriate contemporary details, choosing decor and furnishings that create a spare, modern look.