6631 N. Maplewood Avenue

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6631 N. Maplewood Avenue, the Thomas House.

Circa: 1926

Original Owner:

Present (2008) Owner: Ron and Marty Thomas

This house was part of the 2008 Annual House Tour.

Ron and Marty Thomas moved to Chicago from Racine, Wisconsin eight years ago. They selected their West Ridge bungalow based on the fact that the previous owner had recently completed a wonderful remodeling job and they were able to move right in.

Both Ron and Marty are collectors of Arts and Crafts furnishings, and their collection fills their home. Marty owned an Arts and Crafts gallery in Seattle, where she also founded the Arts and Crafts Guild. Although a portion of their collection has been packed in anticipation of their move to the east coast, it’s evident that the couple has successfully created a superb period environment that is comforting and serene. The Thomas house has been well documented, with features in Chicago Magazine and a variety of bungalow-related books.

Ron is an accomplished cook and the back of the house is devoted to his culinary skills. The marble topped center island in the kitchen creates a cozy gathering area for guests to chat with Ron while he’s busy at the stove.

The adjacent room houses his collections of cookbooks, cooking equipment, and colorful bowls.