6629 N. Maplewood Avenue

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6629 N. Maplewood Avenue, the Reedy/Martini House.

Circa: 1924

Architect: William C. Presto

Contractor: William E. Keller

Original Owner: Edward Oswald

Present (2008) Owner: Mike Reedy and Phil Martini

This house was on the 2008 Annual House Tour.

This home was originally built for Edward Oswald by architect William C. Presto and contractor William E. Keller at a cost of $8,000. Edward worked as a gas company inspector and shared the home with his adult son and family.

Though Phil Martini and Mike Reedy have not lived in their bungalow for many years, there are few areas in the home that lack their personal stamp.

Carpenter and contractor Mike was attracted to the classic bungalow’s solidity and evidence of old-world craftsmanship. He has used his own craftsmanship to restore and refresh virtually every area of the house, resulting in the airy upstairs bedroom and office, the lower level media room, and the newly restored but original-looking staircase to the second floor. Their next big project is the kitchen, which is currently in the demolition stage.

Indian Boundary Park Director Phil’s touch is seen in the beautiful garden behind the bungalow, with its many artistic elements and perennial plants.