6550 N. Rockwell Street

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6550 N. Rockwell Street, the Soil House.

Circa: 1919

Architect: Benedict J. Bruns

Original Owner: Benedict J. Bruns

Present (2008) Owner: Van and Ruth Soil

This house was on the 2008 Annual House Tour.

Architect Benedict J. Bruns built his own Dutch Colonial Revival home at 6550 N. Rockwell Street in 1919. Bruns was by far the most prolific architectural contributor to the bungalow development in the area of our tour as well as other parts of the Chicago Bungalow Belt. In 1921, he began building other homes in West Ridge starting with a number of two-flats. Bruns lived in the neighborhood until 1927, and continued to design homes in this area until 1929.

Van and Ruth Soil purchased this home in 1998, shortly after their marriage. After moving in, they repainted, stripped woodwork and added a new garage. Their latest project is the newly completed remodeling of their kitchen. Ruth discovered her love of gardening while living here; her green thumb is evident in the lovely plantings surrounding the home and in the park-like side yard.