49th Ward

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49th Ward

Present address: 7356 N. Greenview Avenue


David L. Hartigan and his wife lived in the house at 6601 N. Newgard Avenue. David served as the 49th Ward Alderman while living here in the 1950s and his son, Neil, was raised in this house. Neil has gone on to spend a life in public service, including Ward Committeeman, Illinois Attorney General, and 40th Lt. Governor of Illinois, and a judge of the Illinois Appellate Court.

Esther Saperstein

1952--Alderman of 49th Ward was Brian Ducey.

David D. Orr

1991-2016 Alderman of 49th Ward was Joseph Moore

49th Ward City Services

Department of Streets and Sanitation

6441 N. Ravenswood Avenue

Public Art Sculptures

The Receptor



49th Ward Zoning and Land Use Advisory Committee