2553 W. Morse Avenue

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2553 W. Morse Avenue, the McGraw House.

This house was in the 1999 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1925

Original Owner:

Present (1999) Owner: Bill McGraw and Gail McGraw

Bill and Gail McGraw's 1925 home at 2553 W. Morse Avenue is very different. First, it is not a bungalow. The Indian Boundary area is almost exclusively bungalows with the exception of a small number of two-flats, apartment buildings, and a few other twenties-period homes. Second, it is a Tudor Revival-style home. While this style was very popular in other areas of the city and suburbs during the 1920s and 1930s, there are only a small number in this area. Third, the large double-lot that the home sits on is a feature shared by only a minority of other homes.

In general, the term "Tudor Revival" is used to describe the period in American home-building when architects sought to recreate the massive medieval or castle-like traditions of the 15th through 17th Century English and other European homes. Among the elements that demonstrate the McGraw's home as a "Tudor" are its large paneled front door,massive chimney stack, and a steep gable roof made of irregularly sized slates.

As you enter the house, take note of the unusually ornamented front door. The plates and hinges are excellent examples of Tudor metalwork. Once inside, you will find a large foyer with an open air staircase leading upstairs. The living room features a bank of French doors on three sides as well as a large mantlepiece. As you move back through the foyer into the dining room, be sure to enjoy the McGraws collection of antique furniture. The house used to end in the dining room until previous owners extended the back of the house to create a family room and enlarge the kitchen.

The second floor consists of three very large bedrooms and one bathroom. Additionally, well-designed closets and built-ins make use of all available space for storage. As you exit, be sure to visit the backyard, where you'll find a perennial garden filled with ornaments and artifacts. The original garage has been augmented by a previous owner to accommodate deeper storage.