2544 W. Morse Avenue

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2544 W. Morse Avenue, the Naunton/Maguire House.

This house was included in the 1999 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2010 Annual House Tour.

Circa: 1926

Architect W. B. Wright

Original Owner:

Present (1999) Owner: David Naunton and Alice Maguire

The 1927 Naunton/Maguire bungalow is one of several very distinctive Spanish Colonial Revival-style bungalows found on the 2500 block of Morse Avenue. Beginning with 2530 and ending with 2544, these homes demonstrate that Chicago was not immune to the popularity of this style, normally found in California.

Architectural elements found on this home that distinguish it as this style include a low-sloped red tiled roof. French doors opening to the wrought-iron balcony, and a decorative plaque over the front windows (the plaque has since been covered over by a previous owner). While most homes of this type would normally be clad in stucco, the architect of this home chose a covering that is distinctly Chicago--brick.

As you enter the house, you are immediately drawn to the large fireplace in the living room. While most Indian Boundary bungalows have only decorative fireplaces, this one has a working, wood-burning hearth. The patina of the beautiful terracotta tile surround attests to its years of service. The bank of south-facing French doors is also an unusual feature. They flood the living room with light while allowing easy access to fresh air and cool breezes.

The living room opens into a large, formal dining room. Be sure to notice one of the original radiator cabinets on the east wall. Across the hall is the bathroom, which the homeowners have painstakingly renovated using many of the original elements. The white wall tile and the herringbone pattern floor tile give it a distinctly 1920s feel. On either side of the bathroom are two large bedrooms and a linen closet.

Upstairs, notice a storage room and a bedroom with maple flooring.