2501 W. Lunt Avenue

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2501 W. Lunt Avenue, the Kraus/Northway House.

This house was in the 1999 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1925

Original Owner: Henry J. Spanjer (1925-1945)

Present (1999) Owner: Phil Kraus and Dennis Northway

The large scale and grand style of the Phil Kraus and Dennis Northway bungalow at 2501 W. Lunt Avenue prompts many people to ask a fundamental question, "Are you sure its a Bungalow?" The answer is "yes". In general, a bungalow is a one or one-and-one-half story, horizontally dominant dwelling. While this bungalow is very lavish, a comparison with others in the neighborhood shows that it is, in fact, a larger version of a style that is very common in the Indian Boundary Park area.

The original owner was Henry J. Spanjer, a former boxer who, earlier in the 20th Century, won gold and silver medals in the Olympic games. In 1925, he had this home built, in which he raised his family for the next twenty years. With 16 rooms encompassing almost 5,000 sq.ft., the house is on a scale shared by only a few other area homes.

Through the years, the house has undergone many changes, but much of its splendor can still be found. In the living room, beautiful leaded glass windows still remain in the arches above the casement windows, but at some point, the lower leaded glass windows were removed. The original ornamental fireplace and mantel were removed from the west wall of the living room, and a new working, two-sided fireplace was installed on the south wall, affording access in the master bedroom. The kitchen area has undergone major changes as well. The walls to an adjoining pantry and breakfast room were removed to create a larger kitchen space.

On the second floor, you will find three large bedrooms, a bathroom, and closets that make use of all available space. The south end was once Spanjer's gymnasium. Originally outfitted with basketball hoop, retractable massage table, chin-up-bar, heavy punching bag, and other workout equipment of the day, the room is currently (1999) used by the owners as a music room. Be sure to visit the basement to see the party room with maple flooring and Gilbert and Sullivan-inspired mural.