2446 W. Farwell Avenue

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2446 W. Farwell Avenue, the Waldron Pond.

This pond was in the 1999 Annual Fall House Tour.

Present (1999) Owner: Ron Waldron

The Waldron's octagonal bungalow is graced with leaded glass windows. The planters are filled with flowers. The front yard landscaping includes pine trees and painted ferns.

The backyard provides an unexpected oasis in the middle of the city. The deck affords the Waldrons the opportunity to sit and enjoy the soothing environment.

As you enter the backyard, you see two ponds -- the larger contains (1999) twelve Japanese Koi. The second holds (1999) 30-40 goldfish. The ponds were installed by Ron shortly after the Waldrons moved here in 1993. Construction involved the removal of nearly six dumpsters of earth enabling the pond depth to reach below the frost line (four feet). This depth allows the fish to survive the winter.

In 1999, there were an additional 40-50 Koi born. At that time, some of the resident Koi were more than 10 years old. There was also a huge catfish which they got from a neighbor when it became too large for their aquarium.

Pond plant included water lilies (pink, white, and yellow), water hyacinths, yellow iris, sweet flag, floating hearts, parrot feather, and several lotus.