2238 W. Greenleaf Avenue

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2238 W. Greenleaf Avenue, the Levinson/Kirn House.

This house was in the 2001 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1915

Original Owner: Fred B. Marshall

Present (2001) Owner: David Levinson and Kathy Kirn

The Arts and Crafts was largely a reaction to the excesses of the Victorian era. It brought architects, craftsmen, and social reformers together in an effort to return to the principles and lifestyle of an earlier time. While many bungalows of this style were constructed with lavish woodwork and ornamentation, the movement originally sought to create homes and interiors that reflected a simpler way of life. This house embodies this spirit, and serves as a great example of an Arts and Crafts bungalow.

When David Levinson and Kathy Kirn bought this house in 1997, they found many of the original features had been removed or concealed in an effort to "modernize" their home. Their commitment to returning the house to its origins is apparent, even the new living space is done with careful attention to the architect's 1915 design.

Throughout the house you are struck by the austere, almost Shaker-like simplicity of the design. Beautifully finished oak and birch woodwork enhance the rooms. The owners Arts and Crafts furnishings harmonize perfectly with the architectural style.

As originally built, the attic was mostly raw, unfinished storage space. To meet the needs of their growing family, the owners have added a family room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and plenty of closet space to the second floor.

In 1993, the house was listed in the American Institute of Architects Guide to Chicago's significant homes and other structures.