2226 W. Pratt Boulevard

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2226 W. Pratt Boulevard, Miller House.

This house was featured on the 1996 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2013 Annual House Tour.

Circa: 1911

Original Owner: Eugene and his wife Jennie Lee Hutchins (1911-1923).

Second Owner: Frank Scholl (1923-1934).

From 1934 to 1941 the ownership was clouded.

Third Owner: William and Bertha Bram (1941-1974).

Present (1996) Owner: John Miller and Angela Miller. (1974-?)

In 1911, the three Hutchins brothers, Frederick E., Carlton B., and Eugene and his wife Jennie Lee Hutchins nee: Jennie Lee Gould acquired the land that stretches from 2216 to 2236 Pratt. Carlton built an American Craftsman bungalow to live in at 2216 W. Pratt Boulevard while Eugene and Jennie Lee built the large Mansion-style estate to the west at 2226. The lots at 2230 and 2236 were part of this estate until homes were built there in the 1960s and 1970s.

Its hard to conceive that the sprawling yard surrounding the white stucco house was almost twice as large for many years. The Hutchins sold the house to Frank Scholl in 1923 and Scholl retained ownership until 1934. From 1934 to 1941, the ownership was clouded, but William and Bertha Bram received title and lived there until it was purchased in 1974 by John Miller and Angela Miller in 1974.

The Miller House is a symmetrical variant of the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture or Mission-style with a hip roof that has prominent shed dormers. It once had red clay tile instead of asphalt shingles on the roofed areas. The style was the California equivalent to the Georgian Colonial Revival homes that were popular in the Midwest and East between 1910 and 1930. Historically, this house has been lushly landscaped, creating a very organic symbiosis of planting and dwelling.

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey


Historic Name:

Community: West Ridge (02)

Address: 2226 W. Pratt Boulevard

Constructed: Started in

Classification: 1

Style: American Four Square

Type: Single-Family Residence

Color Code: Orange

Major Tenant:

Building Details:

Pin: 1131122015