2077 W. Greenleaf Avenue

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2077 W. Greenleaf Avenue was owned by Tom and Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin in 1988. He purchased it in 1987.

This house was part of the 1988 Annual Spring House Tour.

Originally built in 1926, this two-family residence (2-Flat) overlooks a tree-lined street where the scent of apple blossoms now fills the air. An arched wooden door, stately, wrought-iron lamps and a pair of stained glass windows decorate the entrance to the yellow brick building.

A short flight of stairs leads to the first floor apartment. In the living room there are eight windows, fashioned in an arc, and affording a panoramic view to the west. Built-in bookcases, a fireplace and mantlepiece highlight the rest of the room. In a seemingly endless procession, a series of six rooms, plus two baths, leads to the rear of the house, separated here and there by archways and small anterooms.

Similarly laid out is the second floor which sprawls every bit as grandly as the first and which has a small private elevator for transportation to the roof.

Here we have the "crowning" touch. To be on the roof is to live among the tree tops; for the flat top of the building accommodates a long sundeck, plus a small greenhouse for the botanically inclined.

Also of interest is the back of the house, where once upon a time, there was an aviary outside, where birds of every description used to flaunt their feathers.