2054 W. Pratt Boulevard

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2054 W. Pratt Boulevard was the boyhood home of John Dickson.

2013 Annual House Tour

2054 W. Pratt Boulevard is one of the oldest houses on the block. It was designed by prominent Architect Robert E. Seyfarth for Charles W. Moore, a member of the Edgewater Golf Club and a contractor who built a house for himself next door. This house is done in the Colonial Revival style that was popular in the Midwest and East between 1910 and 1930, with a Classical portico at the entrance.

The Moores celebrated the opening of their new house with an informal dance for 40 friends at the Edgewater Golf Course. For a time this home served as the Hellenic Christian Center. The front portico was likely a later addition.

The current owner is in the process of a major remodel, so the house is not currently open for tours.