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2-Flats: Houses or buildings with two flats (apartments). Each flat takes up one entire floor of the building. There is a common stairway in the front and often in the back or side providing access to both of the flats. 2-Flats are common in certain older neighborhoods.

Campbell Avenue

6700 Block

6701 N. Campbell Avenue

Estes Avenue

2200 Block

2236 W. Estes Avenue

Farwell Avenue

1200 Block

1225 W. Farwell Avenue

Greenleaf Avenue

1900 Block

1937-39 W. Greenleaf Avenue

2000 Block

2077 W. Greenleaf Avenue

Hamilton Avenue

6900 Block

6935 N. Hamilton Avenue

Jarvis Avenue

1400 Block

1404 W. Jarvis Avenue

Lunt Avenue

1200 Block

1228 W. Lunt Avenue

2500 Block

2553 W. Lunt Avenue

Washtenaw Avenue

6700 Block

6711 N. Washtenaw Avenue