1921 W. Morse Avenue

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1921 W. Morse Avenue, the Hopp House.

This location was featured in the 1992 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1890

Original Owner: Andrew B. Jackson

Present (1992) Owner: Wally Hopp and Melanie Hopp

This beautiful Queen Anne single-family house is recessed in a huge yard. The lush, green front lawn sets the pace for the entrance to the house. Its wrap-around porch was removed in the 1930s, but was supposed (in 1992) to be scheduled by the owners to be replaced.

The Victorian gingerbread screen door and a huge oak door open into the foyer. This whole area is typically Victorian with its magnificent staircase, wallpaper, and wood carpet floor. The furniture and fixtures of this space add to its appearance.

To the left of this foyer was an arched doorway, later changed to a square entrance. This takes one into the living room, subsequently enlarged by the removal of a full-length wall with a door that separated the double parlor. This wall and the original front window--which consisted of two small side windows and one large window--were replaced in the 1930s.

The working fireplace is original to the house. Vintage furniture complements this area. Moving south from the open parlor on the left is a huge bay window, which is a continuation of the bay from the roof to the basement on the southeast side of the house. Next to this window is the unfinished (1992) study which is believed to have been and enclosed sun porch with its fireplace on the northwest side of the room. The kitchen area can be reached from this room.

Just off the huge parlor, on the right, or directly south of the foyer, is a fantastic dining area which still displays its Victorian style. The north window here was originally a door that led to the wrap-around porch. The lighting is a transitional piece.

The kitchen area, remodeled in 1990, was probably a back porch because of its size. This area is now divided into a modern bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen is efficient and charming with its cabinets and floors of birch with oak trim. The addition of a breakfast room still maintains a bay in keeping with the original style of the house.

The attractive enclosed porch is an addition by its present (1992) owners; and the marvelous landscaping, immediately below, give this area an air of elegance.

The second floor of this gorgeous house is reached by walking up a beautiful stairwell. Here there are three bedrooms, one bathroom, and an attic room directly above the kitchen.

Upon reaching the landing, to the left is one room with deep walk-in closets and an outstanding curvature of the eastern side of the roof line and wall. This room and three others have pine plank flooring. The master bedroom has oak flooring. Directly in front of the landing is a deep built-in closet constructed by the present (1992) owners.

Just to the right of the closet is the master bedroom, which is in a class by itself. Most of this area remains original. The antique furniture compliments this room beautifully. On the right of this long hallway, there is a third room in the typical style of its time.

Continuing south, on the right, is the remodeled bedroom. Passing this, one comes to a beautifully remodeled attic that is used as a sewing and storage room.

The basement, as well as other parts of the interior and exterior of the house, has undergone massive restoration and has a multipurpose usage.