1911 W. Farwell Avenue

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1911 W. Farwell Avenue, Andrew A. Hall, 1919.

1911 W. Farwell Avenue, Ida W. Hall, 1919.

1911 W. Farwell Avenue, the Cott House.

Circa: 1906

Original Owner:

Present Owner: Cott

This house was in the 2006 Annual Fall House Tour.

Early 20th Century houses with a gambrel (barn) roof usually indicate a Colonial Revival interior, but, not here! The paneling throughout the first floor comes from the British Exhibition at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, a replica Elizabethan house. Almost as unusual, the house is constructed of poured cement. The current owner has lavished loving attention upon this unique home since 1998 in all sorts of big and little ways.

The British molding holds center stage, of course, but also note the recent installation of Pewabic fireplaces,, tiles, and tasteful stained glass. The decor in modernized rooms goes to great pains to replicate patterns from older parts of the house. Molding and hardware, as well as other salvaged parts, bridge new and old.

The kitchen was recently (2006) remodeled, incorporating special touches such as the handcrafted Italian lighting fixtures. The glass doors lead out to a new deck and carefully tended landscape. The Amish stars decorating the garage lend a cozy feel, but don't stop at the foot of the deck--be sure to walk all the way back.

The upstairs rooms have also been brought to perfection. One problem was the lack of closets, which has been solved in a couple of ways. For the master bedroom, which opens on a private balcony, a small bedroom was converted into closets and a luxurious bath. Note the crisp new doors throughout.