1826 W. Lunt Avenue

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1826 W. Lunt Avenue, the home of Denis Paluch and Kathie Paluch

Circa: 1890

Original Owner: Dr. Robert Clark, D.D.S.

Second Owner: "Uncle" Harry Gries

Present Owner: Denis and Kathie Paluch

This house was on the 2006 Annual Fall House Tour.

This fine 3-story Victorian-style Houses is a "sister" to one at 1822 W. Lunt Avenue. The pair of houses were built at the same time (1890), with the same footprint, and basic design. Both feature large front and back porches perfect for evenings sitting outside.

In the late 1970s, Denis and Kathie Paluch purchased this graceful house at 1826 W. Lunt Avenue from "Uncle" Harry Gries, the last descendent of long-time owner Dr. Robert Clark, D.D.S. A local dentist, Dr. Clark was also a hunting enthusiast who displayed a number of mounted moose heads from hooks that are still visible in the attic. On the walls are photographs of Dr. Clark and his family. The back bedroom and bath were added recently.

Visitors should notice the recently refurbished wrap-around front porch. The over-sized entrance doorway boasts a retro-styled screen door. Just inside the front door, note the original wooden carved stairway painstakingly brought back to life. The pocket doors in both the front and second parlors have also been preserved; the small rooms retained. The first floor library shows a custom wooden fireplace surround, where a wall was removed to join it to the dining room to create more space for family diners and neighborhood meetings.

A decorating dilemma in this grand old lady is the number of doors and lack of wall space to hang the Paluchs' growing art collection and larger antique furniture pieces. A side door entrance from the dining room to the porch is hidden by furniture and is only visible from outside the house.

The recent remodeling of the kitchen was done with an eye to save some original cabinetry as well as to display kitchen collectibles. The modern use of stone counter tops and natural wood finishes coordinate very well with the home's vintage atmosphere.

Upstairs, the hall and bedrooms have been re-arranged, although it is barely perceptible with the use of salvaged molding.

A look outside the back windows shows the expansive joined back yards of 1822 and 1826. The cedar fence features a handmade, elegant arch entrance between the two homes.

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey


Historic Name:

Community: Rogers Park (01)

Address: 1826 W. Lunt Avenue

Constructed: Started in

Classification: Building

Style: Queen Anne

Type: Single-Family Residence

Color Code: Orange

Landmark? N

National Register? N

Major Tenant:

Building Details: Queen Anne, Eastlake

Pin: 1131210020