1716 W. Chase Avenue

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1716 W. Chase Avenue, the Eslinger House.

This house was in the 2000 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1911

Original Owner:

Present (2000) Owner: Ellen Eslinger

This 1911 house is a rare example of a home that has remained almost unchanged over the years. The first floor woodwork has been left unpainted, the original lighting fixtures and stained glass windows are still in place, and, perhaps most remarkably, the multi-color Arts and Crafts stenciling in the foyer and living room is still intact. This American Four Square is truly a time capsule of early 20th Century design and architecture.

As you enter the foyer, you get your first glimpse of the stenciling. Encircling the room between the ceiling and picture rail, the stencils depict a stylized tulip and oak leaf pattern. In the living room you find the original fireplace and flanking bookcases with stained glass. Be sure to note the original Steuben ceiling fixture. Adjacent to the living room is the front porch, which still contains the original window hardware, along with window shades replicating the original ones.

Across the foyer, the dining room contains more original lighting fixtures and a Craftsman-style buffet purchased from the home's original owners. The kitchen has been meticulously remodeled in a style appropriate to the home. New cabinets were hand-crafted to match the original built-in ones. Take a look in the pantry and see if you can tell which cabinets are original and which were carefully duplicated.

As you visit the second floor, be sure to look for the original wall sconces in the bedrooms. Also of note are the remarkably well preserved bathrooms, both of which contain the original fixtures, hardware, and pristine porcelain wall tile.