1644 W. Chase Avenue

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1644 W. Chase Avenue, the Grabenstein/Fabricius House in 1990.

1644 W. Chase Avenue, the Stansbury House in 2000.

1644 W. Chase Avenue, Robert Goldstein, 1919.

This house was part of the 1990 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2000 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1906-1911

Original Owner: J.D. Ross

Former (1990) Owner: Dianne Grabenstein / Jeff Fabricius

Present (2000) Owner: Roy Stansbury and Carol Stansbury

This Suburban Chicago house has two stories with an exterior of face brick and a combination of horizontal and leaded casement windows. Over the years, this house has undergone several changes both, internally and externally.

On entering this house, you pass a beautiful oak door that is wainscotted. The upper half consists of French-style beveled glass. The oak floor and the hand-painted sconces on the wall give a vigorous appearance to the length of the living room.

The original fireplace was remodeled and now has white tiles, some hand-painted with prairie flowers. This fireplace also has an antique wood-burning stove that heats the house in the winter.