1629 W. Morse Avenue

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1629 W. Morse Avenue, (was 817 Morse Avenue), Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Henry Ceperly, 1895.

1629 W. Morse Avenue was built by Cornelius Henry Ceperly in 1873.

1629 W. Morse Avenue, Cornelius Henry Ceperly 1919.

1629 W. Morse Avenue was owned by Laurence Calhoun, who in 1988, was the Treasurer of the Rogers Park Historical Society.

Laurence Calhoun, owner of the house and garden, is the Treasurer of the Rogers Park Historical Society. He has done extensive landscaping of the property that he purchased in May 1983. This is the historic Ceperly House, which was built in 1873 and was on the First Annual Fall House Tour in 1985.

This garden was featured in the 1985 Annual Fall House Tour, the 1988 Annual Fall House Tour, the 1990 Annual Fall House Tour, the 1991 Annual Fall House Tour, the 1992 Annual Fall House Tour and the 1993 Annual Fall House Tour.

The side garden is a miniature orchard, with dwarf pear, nectarine, peach, and apple trees. The fence is covered with climbing roses that produce a dazzling display of blooms each June.

The main garden, in the back yard, greets you with a bed of ever-blooming hybrid roses. Walk through the arbor, planted with the ever-popular Blaze climbing rose as you proceed to the terraced patio area.

The centerpiece of the rear garden is the fountain in the middle of the raised patio. Surrounding the fountain are Colorado Spruce, Impatiens, ferns and ground coverings, including Mountain Laurel. Two towering Mulberry trees provide shade for the area.

Covering the east fence are producing raspberries and blackberries and a tree Hydranger offers unusual blooms during August and September.

At night, landscaping lighting of the patio and fountain areas provides a restive place to sit.

One Source: Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 15.


RPWRHS photo S013-0872 shows Laurence Calhoun's house at 1629 W. Morse Avenue in 1985.