1526 W. Juneway Terrace

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1526 W. Juneway Terrace, the LoBue/Corrin Garden.

This garden was featured in the 1990 Annual Fall House Tour, the 1991 Annual Fall House Tour, and 1992 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2009 Annual House Tour.

Festa Italiano was held during July 1991 by the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society. The LoBue/Corrin Garden, 1526 W. Juneway Terrace, was featured then.

The LoBue/Corrin Garden, 1526 W. Juneway Terrace, is in bloom from the latter part of March through early November for a maximum of color and show.

The owners are Dennis LoBue and Darwin Corrin

Following are some of the flowers that are in bloom from early Spring to mid Summer:

Buttercups, daisies, day lilies, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Lucifer plant, Maltese Cross, May Apple, peonies, Solomon's seal - dark green in color, and a Japanese variegated Solomon's seal - with white running through it, tiger lilies, and Trillium.

The flowers in bloom during the time of the house tour included:

Cardinal plant, hosta, geraniums, hibiscus, Joe-pye-weed, impatiens, iris, marigols, mums, petunias, purple salvia, red salvia (known as firecrackers, which are from one to over five feet high), rhododendron, turtle head, and zinnia.

The garden also contains climbing honeysuckle, climbing scarlet runners along the back fence that are edible, several red raspberry bushes, two apple trees, several ornamental grape vines, and holly bushes.

There are also six different types of ornamental grasses for your viewing pleasure.

The herb garden contains three different types of basil, oregano, Rosemary, sage, and catnip that is enjoyed by the two cats that also live here.

The yard also contains a park bench, a swing, and three bird baths that the blue jays, chickadees, cardinals, house finch, goldfinch, purple finch, and robins all enjoy. All the birds must be content since they remain here throughout the winter months.