1508 W. Estes Avenue

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1508 W. Estes Avenue, The Sylvester-Dieckmann house

Circa: 1911

Original Owner:

Intermediate Owner: H.D. Capitan, 1919.

Present (2011) Owner: Larry Dieckmann and Joanne Sylvester

This house was featured in the 2011 Annual House Tour

The Sylvester-Dieckmann house is believed to have been built circa 1911 and features a handsome Arts and Crafts style interior. Larry Dieckmann and Joanne Sylvester have owned the home since 1994, and raised two children there. The owners were met with an early crisis when less than a year after purchasing the house, a serious fire caused significant damage to the home. However, there was a silver lining. They were able to use the opportunity to make some significant renovations to the house. The repair work and renovations took over eight months, and included replacing all of the windows, installing central air conditioning, enlarging the kitchen, removing the pantry to allow a better view of the back yard, and converting an upstairs bedroom into a master bath.

Probably the most interesting renovation resulting from the fire was their uncovering an original fresco in the dining room, which had been covered with wood paneling. The fresco spans all four walls of the dining room and features an Italianate landscape, the colors of which blend harmoniously and beautifully with the dark wood of the room.

Joanne Sylvester has been a life-long collector of outsider and folk art, and her collection graces the home’s living room and hallways. More recent renovations to the home include the re-doing of the fireplace and accompanying bookshelf in the living room.

The homeowners have been pleased that their surrounding neighborhood remains as diverse and vital as when they purchased the home, and happily note that they continue to see more families with children in the neighborhood.