1447 W. Pratt Boulevard

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1447 W. Pratt Boulevard, Winfield N. MacQueen, 1919.

1447 W. Pratt Boulevard, Congregation B'nai Zion.


RPWRHS photo B061-001 shows B'nai Zion Boy Scouts at the groundbreaking ceremony.

RPWRHS photo B061-002 shows the B'nai Zion groundbreaking ceremony.

RPWRHS photo B061-003 shows a front view of B'nai Zion before the trees grew big enough to block the view. (circa 1950)

RPWRHS photo B061-004 shows a dance at B'nai Zion.

RPWRHS photo B061-005 shows a dance at B'nai Zion.

RPWRHS photo B061-006 shows some unidentified kids playing baseball at Pratt Beach, Address given is 1447 W. Pratt--which is impossible, as the beach is several blocks east. Photo circa 1950. Actual address is 1050 W. Pratt Boulevard.

RPWRHS photo B061-007 shows girls attending a Purim celebration at B'nai Zion.

RPWRHS photo B061-008 shows boys and girls celebrating Purim at B'nai Zion.

RPWRHS photo B061-009 shows costumed boys and girls celebrating Purim.

RPWRHS photo B061-010 shows a Hebrew class at B'nai Zion.

RPWRHS photo B061-011 shows the B'nai Zion building. No date given. Address: 1447 W. Pratt Boulevard.