1337 W. Fargo Avenue

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1337 W. Fargo Avenue, the Farcroft Apartments.

These apartments were in the 2000 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1928

Architect: Charles Wheeler Nicol

Original Owner:

The Farcroft Apartment Building was designed by Architect Charles W. Nicol in 1928. The architecture of this Apartment Building borrows from a variety of types, but the dominating influence is the Tudor/Medieval Revival style. This style was popular among homebuilders at the beginning of the 20th Century, and by the 1920s, many of West Ridge's finer homes and apartment buildings contained elements of this style.

Before entering the building, take time to view the exterior. The facade is ornamented with many playful faces, coats-of-arms, and other medieval references. At the top of the building is an elaborate copper cornice.

Inside the lobby, you find a fascinating combination of old English elements; walls paneled with dark oak woodwork, floors made of multicolored slate, plaster walls formed to give the feel of massive cut stone, and hand-carved columns which feature a variety of multi-expressioned characters. At the peak of many of the plaster columns are Caryatids, small characters who seemingly are carrying the weight of the building.


1337 W. Fargo Avenue, Harry S. Gradle, 1917.

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Architect: Nicol, Charles Wheeler

Historic Name: The Farcroft Apartments

Community: Rogers Park (01)

Address: 1337 W. Fargo Avenue

Constructed: Started in 07/01/1928

Classification: Building


Type: Multi-Residential

Color Code: Orange

Landmark? N

National Register? N

Major Tenant:

Building Details: Gothic Revival

Pin: 1129308020